• To assist entrepreneurs who have viable projects but lack the collateral to obtain the required financing from financial institutions.


To guarantee the following:

  • Financing for Working Capital.
  • Expansion of business including purchase of properties and machineries.

Loan Amount

  • Max loan limit eligible for guarantee to a single borrower is RM10.0 m.

Guarantee Cover

  • Max guarantee cover of up to RM3.0m per borrower on the unsecured portion. No capping on the secured portion
  • Guarantee cover ranges from 30% to 80% and 30% to 90% for unsecured and secured portions respectively


  • Guarantee cover up to loan tenure for term loan and other facilities with fixed maturity .
  • Max up to 3 years for revolving facilities such as OD and trade.

Guarantee Fee

  • Between 2.40% to 4.00% on the unsecured portion
  • Between 2.10% to 3.20% on the secured portion

Eligibility Criteria

  • Small and medium enterprises based on the definition of SMEs
  • Malaysian-controlled or Malaysian-owned businesses

Eligible Credit Facilities

  • Credit facilities (Term Loan, Overdraft, LC/TR, BA, BG, ECR, SG, HP, Leasing & Bills Purchased) granted without collateral or partially secured
  • New or additional loans only. Existing non-CGC loans shall not be eligible unless additional loans are granted

For more information, call our Call Centre at 03-5522 3000 or visit the nearest AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC branch today.

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