Amanah Saham Bumiputera 2 (ASB 2)

Fund Information

Type:  Income

Mixed Asset

Launch Date: 2 April 2014
Objective: The Fund seeks to provide regular income stream whilst preserving the unit holder's investment capital through a mixed asset portfolio.
Potential Investors:

The Fund is suitable for investors with the following profile,

  • Understand investment risk and rewards
  • Seeking a fund with potential annual yield better than average 5-year MGS yield


  • Akaun Dewasa (18 years and above)
  • Akaun Bijak (18 years and above as Guardian for minors aged 6 months old and above but below 18 years)
Investment Manager: Permodalan Nasional Berhad

Transaction Information

Price per Unit RM 1.00
Form of Investment
  • Investment book
  • Certificate
  • EPF Members Investment Scheme
Minimum Initial Investment

Investment book: 10 units

Certificate: 1,000 unit

Minimum Additional Investment

  • Investment Book: 10 unit
  • Certificate: Multiples of 1,000 units
  • EPF: RM1,000
Maximum Investment
  • Akaun Dewasa: 200,000 unit*
  • Akaun Bijak: 50,000 unit*
Approved Fund Size 10.0 bilion units
Fund Size 10.0 billion units
Sales Charge

Currently, the Manager does not impose sales charge. However, the Manager has the absolute discretion to impose sales charge of up to 1% of the invested amount.

Repurchase Charge

Currently, the Manager does not impose repurchase charge. However, the Manager has the absolute discretion to impose repurchase charge of up to 1% of the repurchased amount.

Payment of Repurchase Money Under the Guidelines on Unit Trust Fund, the payment of repurchase money is allowed to be made within 10 days upon receipt of repurchase request. However, the Manager will endeavor to pay on-the-spot.
Cooling-off Period None
Financial Year End 30 March

Account Closure and Income Distribution Entitlement

Based on the Deed of ASB 2, ASNB is allowed to close the account should the balance in the account fall below the minimum investment balance as stated in the Prospectus of ASB 2. Therefore, unit holders are advised to maintain the minimum investment balance in the account at all times throughout the financial year of the fund, to avoid closure of the said account thus affecting future income distribution entitlement, if any.

*However, the Manager has the discretion to impose any individual limit during initial offer period or any other period determined by the Manager. The Manager has the discretion to allow maximum investment to exceed the imposed maximum investment limit, where units are inherited from deceased unit holder or due to reinvestment of distribution of income.

Fund Performance

Year End 31 March

Year Net distribution per unit (sen) Net special distribution per unit (sen)
2015 7.50 0.25
2016 7.05 -

Source: Extracted from annual reports of Amanah Saham Bumiputera2 which were audited by an independent certified auditor.

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