Max Protect 30 is an affordable protection plan which provides a variety of protection benefits while allowing full premium refund 1 upon maturity; given that no claims has been made.

Benefits at a Glance

Double Coverage Benefits

  • Pays out 200% of sum insured in the event of accidental death/ TPD & death due to dengue.
  • Limited premium term of 15 years with 30 years coverage

Dengue Benefits

  • Daily Hospital Income of 20% of monthly premium (up to 5 days for each admission)
  • Blood test screening reimbursement (up to 1 time)


  • 100% refund of all premiums paid without interest upon maturity1

Hassle Free Enrolment

  • Requirement with only 2 Health Questionaires

Affordable Premium Options

  • Choice of Plan
    • RM50/ monthly
    • RM100/ monthly

1provided no claims has been made except daily hospital income and blood test screening

For further information contact us at 03-2055 9733 / 03-2731 5338 / 03-27315384 or you may contact the nearest Affin Bank branches.

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