Hospitalisation & Surgical Scheme For Foreign Workers

Hospitalisation & Surgical Scheme For Foreign Workers

The Hospitalisation and Surgical Scheme for Foreign Workers (Skim Perlindungan Insurans Kesihatan Pekerja Asing - SPIKPA) is a mandatory medical coverage for all new foreign workers which will take effect on 1 January 2011. Enforced by the Ministry of Health, all foreign workers are required to take up this compulsory scheme with a premium of RM120 and a total coverage of RM10,000.

This scheme is applicable for:

  • foreign plantation workers and domestic foreign maids -premium to be paid by the employers.
  • foreign workers in other sectors - premium can either be paid by the employers or the workers

In the event that the employer decides to pay in advance on behalf of the employers, permission from Director General, Labor Department Peninsular Malaysia is required for salary deduction purpose.

All existing foreign workers in Malaysia are given until 31 March 2011 to purchase SPIKPA policy. A pro-rate premium will be charged to the workers based on the remaining no. of days of their work permit expiration. Work permits of those who fail to do so by the given date will not be renewed upon expiry.

Schedule of Benefits:

Items Benefits Amount(RM)
1(a) Daily Hospital Room & Board (Maximum up to 30 days) As charged - in accordance to charges consistent with third (3rd) Class Room & Board to a maximum of RM60 per day, in a Non-Corporatised Malaysian Government Hospital in conformance to the changes specified under Akta Fi 1951, Perintah Fi (Perubatan) 1982.
1(b) Intensive Care Unit (Maximum up to 15 days)
2 Hospital Supplies and Services
3 Operating Theatre
4 Surgical fees (Excluding organ transplantation)
5 Anaesthetist Fees
6 In-Hospital Physician Visits (Maximum up to 30 days)
7 In-Hospital Specialist Consultation Visits (Maximum up to 30 days)
8 Ambulance Fees/Medical Report Fees
Maximum Overall Annual Limit (item 1-8) RM10,000
Premium Per Person RM120

Important Note:

All benefits payable for any number of disabilities in any one given period of Insurance is subject to the Overall Annual Limit of RM10, 000 per Insured Person.

Please click the following for more information on:

  • Proposal Form
  • Member Enrolment Form
  • Product Disclosure Sheet

For more information, please call us at 03-20559733, 03-27315338 & 03-20555384 or you may download, complete and fax the Proposal Form to 03-2026 4090.

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