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At AFFINBANK, our SmartHome Optimum offers a comprehensive protection against loss or damage to your home. The need to insure personal belongings and personal liability is one that most people ignore. A home is a place where lots of fond memories reside. However, many of us forget to give our home a protection. Throughout our life, lots of things can happen and unexpected disaster destroy our beloved home. By insuring this asset, we are protected from such misfortune and the ‘risk’ is transferred to an insurance company through a relatively small cost.

With SmartHome Optimum, you have the choice and flexibility to protect your home and precious personal and household belongings according to your needs. It provides you Peace Of Mind at Home and Away.

Flexible coverage

Unlike some other insurance policies, SmartHome Optimum allows you to tailor the type of protection as well as the level of benefits to suit your needs and budget. It also provides you and your family protection against 24-hour worldwide third party liability.

Just choose one or booth of the Main Covers to enjoy any one or all of the Riders.

Table of Benefits
Main Cover (please select Section (A) and/or (B))
Section Description of Benefits Sum Insured Premium
  Houseowner Insurance    
  1. Building
  2. Rent
  3. Owner's Liability
  • Cost of rebuilding excluding land value
  • 10% of building insured
  • RM50,000
  • (min. premium: RM60) Rate: 0.106% (landed property)/ 0.109% (flats & apartments)
  • Free of charge
  • Free of charge (min. premium: RM60)
B Home Contents Insurance
All Risk Cover including Special Covers:
  1. Loss of money due to theft at home
  2. Cost of replacing locks/keys due to break-in
  3. Deterioration of food in the freezer
  4. Cost of replacing lost legal documents
  5. loss or damage to contents
Total value of the household contents
  • Up to Rm1000
  • Up to Rm500
  • Up to Rm250
  • Up to Rm1000
  • 15% of total value of during temporary removal contents
  • (excess: RM150 each and every loss except Special Covers)
  • Free of charge
  • Free of charge
  • Free of charge
  • Free of charge
  • Free of charge
  • (min. premium: RM75)

Riders (please select Section (C) and/or (D))

Section Description of Benefits Sum Insured Premium
C Worldwide All Risk Insurance on Personal Effects
  • Value of personal effects e.g. jewellery, watches, cameras, etc
  • (excess: RM150 each and every loss)
  • Rate: 1.5%
  • (min. premium: RM75)
D Worldwide Family Liability Insurance (including USA & Canada) RM200,000 RM25
24-hour SmartHome Assistance Hotline

With AXA SmartHome you enjoy immediate referral assistance on electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, locksmith, carpet & furniture cleaning & restoration and roof repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must my house be constructed of brick/ concrete walls, reinforced concrete floor and roofed with tiles/concrete/asbestos to enjoy the above premium?

Yes, and your house must be solely used as a private dwelling.

What are the perils insured by the Houseowner Insurance?

The perils are fire, lightning, explosion, damage caused by aircraft and road vehicles, bursting of pipes, flood, windstorm, earthquake and theft.

Can I include other perils to my Houseowner Insurance?

Yes, you can do so by paying additional premium

Can you please explain what ‘All Risk Cover’ is?

It covers all the perils under Houseowner Insurance as well as accidental damage and other perils not excluded in this cover.

Is there a limit to the sum insured for Home Contents Insurance?

Only items such as platinum, gold, silver articles, jewellery and furs which are limited to one third of the sum insured under this benefit.

How much can I insure my personal effects under the Worldwide All Risk Insurance?

How much can I insure my personal effects under the Worldwide All Risk Insurance?

What is Worldwide Family Liability Insurance?

It covers third party claims (including legal costs and expenses) for accidental bodily injury or property damage through negligence caused by you, your immediate family members or your domestic helper.

Please click the following for more information on:

  • Product Disclosure Sheet
  • Proposal Form - SmartHome Optimum

For more information, please call us at 03-2055 9733/5384 or 03-2731 5338 or you may download, complete and fax the Proposal Form to 03-2026 4090.

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