Value Pac

ValuePac provides a comprehensive coverage on death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). The lump sum benefits would be paid upon the first occurrence of death or TPD to the life assured. You will find this plan affordable as it is developed to best suit your income profile without limiting your ability to spend for other things that is dear to you..

  • Affordable protection to ease your financial burden
  • Various terms available to suit your different financial goals
  • Renewability and Conversion option to meet your changing needs
Coverage Term 5-years, 10-years or up to 60
Entry Age Coverage Term Min Entry Age Max Entry Age
5-20 years 18 60
Up to age 60 18 55
Sum Insured Min: RM25,000
Max: Subject to underwriting

Additional Option

Renewability Option

This option is available for ValuePac5, ValuePac10, ValuePac15 and ValuePac20 (except for ValuePac60). The policy will be renewed automatically from the Expiry/Renewal Date for the same term without further evidence of insurability.

Maximum renewal age is 60. This term plan will be renewed multiple time before you reach age 60 on the renewal date.

Conversion Option

This option is available to all ValuePac plans. You can convert your ValuePac to a whole life plan at any premium due date prior to the expiry date without further evidence of insurability on or before age 60.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ValuePac?

ValuePac is a non-participating regular premium term plan that aims to provide protection for the Insured. It covers death   and Total and Permanent Disability. The sum insured is payable on the first occurrence of death or TPD. The coverage terms available are 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, 20-year or up to age 60.

How should I choose the term of coverage?

ValuePac has these available terms to provide different coverage options and possibilities for you. It is important that the coverage term chosen should match your specific need and period of required protection.

What are the premium payment terms?

Premium payment term will follow coverage term.

Is the premium rate guaranteed?

Yes, premium rate is guaranteed throughout the coverage term.

Is the premium competitive?

ValuePac premium is very competitive due to the lower surrender value vis-à-vis other plans.

What will happen to my policy if I pay my premium late?

You will be given a 31-day grace period from the premium due date to pay your renewal premium, during which   your policy will remain in force. If the Basic Premium is not paid after the expiry of the 31-day grace period, Extended   Term Insurance will be applied.

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