Protecting Your Credit Card

Protecting Your Credit Card

Your card is as good as cash. Be careful about how and when you use your card. Here are some fraud prevention tips to protect your card and minimize your risk.

Dos Don’ts
Sign your new card as soon as you receive it. Do not let anyone to use your card or PIN. Your card should be used only by you.
Make sure your card is always in your possession. Remember, your card is as good as cash. Ensure your card is returned to you promptly after a purchase. Do not disclose your personal information or card number to anyone until you have confirmed the identity of the person requesting the information and verified that you need to provide them with the information.
Take reasonable steps to keep security device secure at all times; and report a breach of the security of a pass code or the loss of a security device to the Bank as soon as reasonably practicable, upon discovering the breach or loss respectively.
Do not record PIN number on the card or on anything kept in close proximity with the card.
Shred any document that contains your card details or PIN number before you discard it. Do not attach or write a PIN number on anything you are going to discard (e.g. a receipt).
Make sure your name, card number and amount transacted are in order/accurate before signing any sales draft.
Do not select your PIN number from your birth date, identity card, passport, driving licence or contact numbers.
Keep copy of your sales draft for future reference. Check copy of your sales draft against your monthly statement and report to the Bank as soon as reasonably practicable if there should be any discrepancies/errors.
Do not leave your cards unattended, out of your sight or in visible sight of others.
Notify the Bank immediately upon receiving Short Message Service (SMS) transaction alert if the transaction was unauthorised. Notify the Bank immediately of any change in your contact number.
Do not deliberately disclosing the access identity (ID) and password to any other person, via unsolicited emails or on any website other than the official website of the Bank.

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