Benefits And Privileges

Benefits And Privileges

Introducing the AFFINBANK World Mastercard for all your exclusive golf, travel, dining and shopping, anytime and anywhere around the world. With AFFINBANK World Mastercard, you will enjoy the following benefits and privileges:

Competitive finance charges

You will enjoy finance charge as low as 12% per annum on your retail purchases when you make minimum payment before or on the payment due date.

AFFIN Rewards Points

Earn 1 AFFIN Rewards Point for every RM1 retail transaction spend with your AFFINBANK Credit Card and redeem various items offered under the programme. Payment to credit card account, all transactions at petrol stations, government services and utilities transactions, transactions related to charity, cash advance transactions, balance transfer, late payment interest, disputes, fraud transactions, fees and charges other than retail purchase amount debited to Cardmember’s account(s) will not be included in the computation of the AFFIN Rewards Points. Any retail transaction with amount less than RM1 will not be entitled for AFFIN Rewards Points.

Annual fee waiver

Annual fee will be waived for first year for you and your supplementary cardmember(s). Stay with us, your AFFINBANK World Mastercard annual fee for subsequent years will be waived when you and your supplementary cardmember(s) spend accumulated of RM48,000 per annum.
Note: accumulated spending is inclusive of retail and cash advance transactions.

High cash advance

With AFFINBANK World Mastercard you may withdraw cash advance of up to 70% of your credit limit.

Easy Installment Plan (EiPlan)

Enjoy affordable repayment plans of up to 36 months - spend minimum RM500 retail transaction at any merchants and convert the transaction into EiPlan. Conversion is easy, just call our AFFINBANK World Mastercard dedicated line at 03-5517 9999.

Balance Transfer Installment Plan (BTiP)

Transfer minimum of RM1,000 from your credit card balance with other banks / card issuers to enjoy one-time upfront interest as low as 2%.

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

0% interest for purchases at participating AFFINBANK merchants


Flight &Travel  Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance

With AFFINBANK World Mastercard, you will be covered with Travel & Personal Accident Insurance up to RM1 million and  Personal Accident Insurance up to RM100,000.

Click the following link for:
AFFINBANK World Mastercard Flight & Travel Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance terms and conditions

Complimentary Visit to Priority Pass Lounges Worldwide

Enjoy 2 complimentary visits to Priority Pass Lounges worldwide within 12 months membership period (only applicable for principal cardmember).

Mastercard Global Service

Mastercard Global Service provides 24-hours assistance for lost or stolen card reporting and card replacement. When abroad and in need of assistance, call the relevant toll free number to reach specially trained Mastercard Global Service Representatives who are ready to help you in any language. For additional information, or for country-specific toll free telephone numbers, visit  or call 1-636-722-7111.

World Mastercard Concierge Service

World Mastercard Concierge Service is always there for you 24-hours a day to assist you with a wide range of domestic and international services such as travel arrangements, shopping, reservation or other assistance you need. You can enjoy this services from anywhere in the world.

AFFINBANK World Mastercard Customer Service Dedicated Number

For inquiries and lost or stolen credit card, you may call our AFFINBANK World Mastercard dedicated line at 03-5517 9999 (daily operating hours from 8.45 a.m. to 5.45 p.m., including public holidays, except Friday from 8.45 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.) or 03-2028 6300 (after operating hours).

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