Introducing the new Pin & Pay Credit Card and/or AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank Pin & Pay Debit Card

The industry – wide move to replace the existing cards with PIN-enabled cards has started in mid 2016.

Your existing AFFINBANK Credit Card and/or AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank Debit Card will be replaced to the new PIN-enabled card in phases. With the new PIN-enabled card, your card’s transaction will be verified using the PIN, instead of signature. The PIN-enabled card will increase security against counterfeits and unauthorized use of your card.

Benefits of PIN-enabled cards:

    PIN-enabled cards are more secure than signature cards as both card and PIN are required to make a payment.
    Just activate your new PIN-enabled card, change the Temporary PIN and your card is ready for use.
    Just tap or wave your card at a contactless enabled Point-of-Sale Terminal. No signature or PIN is required for transactions up to RM250.
*applicable for cards with contactless features

Advice to Cardmembers Travelling Overseas with PIN-enabled cards.

If you have received a new PIN-enabled card and will be travelling overseas, ensure you have a PIN for your PIN-enabled card before leaving Malaysia. Those countries that have not yet migrated to PIN will still require you to sign for verification in order to use your PIN-enabled card for payment. However, because your new PIN-enabled card supports PIN for purchases, some countries may require payment to be completed with a PIN instead of a signature, and there is a risk of your PIN-enabled card being rejected if you do not enter a PIN when prompted. This is why you must ensure that you select a PIN for your new PIN-enabled card before leaving Malaysia. If you do not have a PIN for your PIN-enabled card, please contact our Call Centre at 03-5522 3000 or 03-5517 9999 (for AFFINBANK World Mastercard cardmembers) on how to get your PIN.

Although the standard for payment card PINs in Malaysia is 6 digits, the standard in some overseas markets is 4 digit PINs. It is possible that if you travel overseas with your new PIN-enabled card and a 6-digit PIN, you may encounter a problem using your PIN-enabled card at an overseas Point-of-Sale Terminal if the Point-of-Sale Terminal restricts PIN entry to 4 digits. As a result of international card scheme rules, examples of Point-of-Sale Terminals that do not support PIN lengths of greater than 4 digits, even in markets where the standard for PINs is 4 digits, should be limited. However, if you strike a Point-of-Sale Terminal that restricts the entry of a PIN to 4 digits or you forgot your PIN, then you have two choices.

  • The first is to ask the retailer to bypass the PIN entry and sign.
  • If this is not possible, or the retailer refuses to allow signature, then you must opt for a different payment method.

For more information on PIN-enabled card, please click the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), call 03-5522 3000 or 03-5517 9999 for AFFINBANK World Mastercard cardmembers. Alternatively, you may also visit

Visit your nearest AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank branch or log on to / for full terms and conditions.

Introducing the new Pin & Pay Credit Card and/or AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank Pin & Pay Debit Card

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