Introducing Affin Gold, a savings account that is specially designed for those aged 50 and above. This savings account pays higher interest on your savings and offers other benefits* such as:

AffinGOLD Features & Benefits:

  • Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly
  • *COMPLIMENTARY Personal Accident Insurance subject to the account has a minimum credit balance of RM5,000 at the opening of the business on the date of the accident.
  • A choice of either passbook, monthly statement or current account
  • 10% discount on General Insurance
  • Initial deposit of RM1,000.00
  • Statement or Passbook for easy tracking of your transactions
  • Convenience of Internet Banking
  • Easy access to our extensive network of branches at AFFINBANK and AFFIN ISLAMIC BANK

Eligibility & Requirement:

  • All Malaysian citizen, Permanent Resident & My Second Home Program Participants aged 50 and above

So OPEN an AffinGOLD account today and enjoy higher returns on your hard-earned savings IMMEDIATELY!

For more information, call us at 03-8230 2222.

* Generic terms & conditions applicable for all deposit accounts / products / services

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