Kids never had it better.

Junior Saver is the savings account that creates fun with lots of benefits for your kids while ensuring their bright future. You can open an Junior Saver savings account with just RM1.00

Junior Saver is either a trust or personal account. Trust Account for age under 12 years. (Personal Account for age 12 & above)

Initial deposit of RM1.00
Statement or Passbook for easy tracking of your transactions
Easy access to our extensive network of branches at AFFINBANK and AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank

Minimum age 14 days
Maximum age 18 years
Minimum age 18 years
Maximum age 65 years

Competitive rates offered.

Free personal accident coverage of 5 times the saving balance up to maximum RM50,000

For more information, call us at 03-8230 2222.

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