AFFIN PLUS is an account that is a manifestation of our Banking Without BarriersTM philosophy.

With an AFFINPLUS account, you gain the flexibility of cheque writing convenience with the high interest of a savings account. This gives you greater accessibility and opportunities to plan and manage your funds, going beyond the boundaries of conventional banking for your benefit.

AFFIN PLUS Benefits :

  • Optimum returns with daily calculated interest for every ringgit deposited.
  • Open to individuals of 18 years and above.
  • Also available as AFFINPLUS-i, a shariah compliant product by AFFINISLAMIC.
  • Initial deposit of RM1,000
  • Monthly Statement for easy tracking of your transactions
  • Convenience of Internet Banking
  • Easy access to our extensive network of branches at AFFINBANK and AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank

Start enjoying the benefits and returns of AFFIN PLUS today.

For more information, call us at 03-8230 2222.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

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