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Investment - Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)

1. How do I go about to subscribe additional investment in ASNB?

You can subscribe additional ASNB investments via affinOnline, any ASNB offices and ASNB agents.

2. Which ASNB funds can be subscribed via affinOnline?

Additional investment through affinOnline is only available for ASNB Fixed Price Funds* (ASB, ASW 2020, ASD, ASM & AS 1 Malaysia)

*Subscription of funds are subject to the respective funds availability.

3. Will there be any cooling off period attached to the investment I have made?

No. There won’t be any cooling off period imposed. You may refer to ASNB’s Master Prospectus and Supplementary Master Prospectus for further information.

4. Is switching of funds available at affinOnline?

This service is not available at affinOnline. You may refer to ASNB Offices or ASNB's Agents for more information.

5. Is additional investment for ASNB Fixed Price Funds via affinOnline available to everyone?

Additional investment of ASNB Fixed Price Fund through affinOnline is opened to all registered ASNB unitholders whom are also Affin account holders and affinOnline users.

6. What are the steps involved when performing additional invetsment for ASNB Fixed Price Funds via affinOnline?
Steps on how to "Register ASNB Account Maintenance":
Step 1: Login to affinOnline. Then select the "Investment" tab.
Step 2: Select "ASNB Account Maintenance" from the menu
Step 3: Select "ASNB Account Registration"
Step 4: Fill in the field with the appropriate information then request for TAC number.
Step 5: Input TAC number and click on the "Confirm" button to
proceed with the registration.
Step 6: Transaction "STATUS" will be displayed on the next page
Step 7: When the confirmation "STATUS" page is displayed, you may keep this record for your reference (print)
Step 8: At the "EDIT ASNB Account Details" you may only edit the "Preferred Name"
Step 9: At the "EDIT ASNB Account Preview" you may view the following details that has been edited : Preferred Name
Step 10: To deregister an ASNB account, just click the "Account Deregistration" at the "Account Maintenance" section. Tick the account in which you want to deregister and click "Next". At the Deregister ASNB Account Preview, click "confirm"
Steps on how to subscribe for a ASNB Fund:
Step 1: Once obtained approval from ASNB for accurate account details, user can "Select Subscribe To" drop down list.
Step 2: Please read & understand the Declaration. Check on the box to acknowledge the Terms & Conditions of the prospectus
Step 3: Input the following payment info : Pay From, Amount (RM), Mobile no and Memo (if any-remarks for personal reference)
Step 4: Click on the “Confirm” button to proceed with the subscription.
Step 5: Data will be sent to ASNB for approval
7. Is it possible to check my application status/result via affinOnline?

Yes you may. Just go to affinOnline, click on "Investment tab" to check your subscription/rejection status.

T= Today

'Add Favourite Account' Registration Time Application status can be viewed at :
Before 10.00am The same working day after 5.00pm (T)
After 10.00am The next working day after 5.00pm (T+1)
'Subscription' Transaction Time Rejection status can be viewed at :
Before 4.00pm The next working day after 11.00am (T+1)
After 4.00pm The next 2 working days after 11.00am (T+2)
8. What is the information needed in order to invest in ASNB Fixed Price Funds unit trust via affinOnline?

You'll need to key-in your ASNB membership number, NRIC and name as registered in ASNB's record.

9. Is it possible to invest in ASNB Fixed Price Fund unit trust for other 3rd party account via affinOnline?

Yes you may. The information required to proceed for the account subscription is the 3rd party's ASNB membership number and NRIC registered in ASNB's record.

10. What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be invested via affinOnline?

The minimum amount that can be invested is RM 1.00.

Maximum limit per transaction is RM 15,000 and maximum amount per day is RM30,000.

The success of the transaction is subject to :

  • Individual investment limit (for ASB) RM50,000 for minor account
  • Individual investment limit (for ASB) RM200,000 for adult account
  • Unit availability of the Fund (other than ASB)
11. Is it possible if I want to invest an amount with 'sen' for example RM 15,002.75?

The amount in the form of 'sen' is not allowed/not accepted through affinOnline transactions. It must be rounded up to the nearest Ringgit Malaysia.

12. How many days will it take for ASNB to process my investment through affinOnline?

Investments that have been successfully received before 4.00pm will be processed on the next working day. If the investment is made after 4.00pm then it will be on T+2 basis. Refer to item 7.

Unit holders can update their ASNB investment book on the following working day (Federal Territory working days) at any ASNB Offices or ASNB's Agents.

13. Can I redeem my ASNB investment via affinOnline?

No, this facility is no available at this point of time. Only subscription of funds is available via affinOnline. Redemption of funds can only be done over the counter at ASNB offices or ASNB agents.

14. Would it be possible that the transaction I have made cannot be processed by ASNB?

Your online transaction may be unsuccessful due to the following reasons:

  1. Invalid ASNB membership number
  2. Invalid I/C number
  3. Total Investment amount has reached the maximum individual limit (for ASB)
  4. Specified account status
  5. The units have been fully subscribed (other than ASB)
15. Will the bank inform me if my subscription is rejected?

To check your status just go to "Investment Tab" under Fund Subscription history.

16. Can I check my ASNB account balance via affinOnline?

This service is not available at the moment. You may check your balance at any ASNB offices and ASNB agents.

17. What if I don't remember my ASNB membership account number?

You may refer to your ASNB investment book or check at any ASNB offices and ASNB agents.

18. What if I wrongly input somebody else's account number or fund instead of the chosen ASNB fund?

The transaction will go through as long as the ASNB account number entered is valid and matched with ASNB's record. However, it is the responsibility of the investor to ensure the account number is accurate and belongs to the right person.

ASNB and Affin Bank Berhad will not be responsible to reverse the successful transaction.

19. Can I subscribe to ASNB Fixed Price Funds investment through affinOnline at any time of the day?

The facility is available 24/7. (24 hours, 7 days a week)

20. What do I need to do if my membership number has changed?

You need to delete your current Register ASNB Account Maintenance with the old membership number and then only you can add a new Register ASNB Account Maintenance with the new membership number.

21. When will the money be credited into my Affin savings/current account if my subscription is rejected?

The money will be credited back to your account by the end of the third days after the transaction day

22. How much is the service charge for this facility?

For each single transaction and regardless of the investment amount, RM1.06 (Inclusive of 6% GST) will be charged. This amount will be debited from your Affin savings/current account.

23. With whom should I clarify with for further information on ASNB?

You may call any of the nearest ASNB offices or ASNB Customer and Agent Relations Department at:

Customer and Agent Relations Department
Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad
201-A, UG Annexe, PNB Building
Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Contact number : 03-2057 3000
Fax : 03-2050 5220
Email :
Website :

24. With whom should I clarify with for further information on affinOnline services?

You may contact :

Julia Aini Harun : 03-2055 9971
Raja Siti Habsyah : 03-2055 9931

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