Basic Bank Account

Basic Bank Account

Item Basic Savings Account (BSA)
Basic Savings Account-i (BSAi)
Basic Current Account (BCA)
Item Basic Current Account-i (BCA-i)
Tariff Tariff
Deposits (including coin deposits) Free for self service deposits and Over The Counter (OTC) transactions.
(Excluded from the OTC limit where such facility is not available.)
Service Fee No service or maintenance charge to be imposed RM10.60 for each half year for an average balance of less than RM1,000 during the half year.
Minimum number of free monthly transactions - ATM and OTC Option 1
a) 8 OTC visits at branch
- 9th visit and onwards: No charge currently

b) 8 ATM cash withdrawals at any Affin Bank ATMs. No Fee shall be imposed for non cash withdrawal transactions (e.g. balance enquiry or fund transfer within the same bank)

- 9th withdrawal onwards: RM1.06 per withdrawal

No Annual ATM fee


Option 2

MyDebit Card Annual fee of RM8.48 for unlimited ATM withdrawals
Issuance of cheque book N.A. As per the bank's existing Tariff of charges.
Monthly statement of account Free Free
Dormant accounts ˂RM10.00
No charge on activation of the account.

Monthly balance less than RM10.00, system will auto close the account and absorb the balance after 2 reminders


Accounts with more than RM10.00, annual service fee RM10.60 will be levied.
ATM Services

1st. MyDebit Card Issued

Replacement of MyDebit Card due to lost, stolen, loss of PIN and card damaged by customer

Replacement of password for Internet Banking

ATM transaction/ cash withdrawal/ transaction through MEPS Network (Non-Affinbank ATMs)

MEPS Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT)



RM 1.06 per withdrawal / transaction at local MEPS member bank ATM
RM 4.24 per withdrawal at LIFB (Locally Incorporated Foreign bank)
MEPS member bank i.e Citibank, Standard Chartered, UOB, HSBC & OCBC.

RM 12.72 per withdrawal at Cross Border MEPS member bank (Indonesia, Singapore, China & Thailand )

RM 0.53 per transfer
Closing of Accounts Early closure of BSA/BSA-i and BCA/BCA-i if it is closed within 3 months of account opening - RM20.00
Other fees and charges As per the bank's existing tariff of charges

Retail Internet Banking

Corporate Internet Banking

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