Current Account

Current Account

Item Tariff
Cheques dishonoured due to Insufficient Funds - RM200.00
Effects not cleared – RM150.00
Postage if applicable - RM10.00 or actual cost of registered mail.
Nil postage if returned cheque collected bycustomer.
Representation Charges

For cheques re-presented at branch (Cheques that have not been physically returned to the collecting bank)

Stop payment cheques

Payment stop instruction letter

Presented with insufficient funds

RM10.00 per instruction

Half-Yearly Service Charge

All Individual / Joint / Business Current Accounts


Exempted for Government account / Staff account / Bank account / Escrow account / Charitable & Religious Bodies / Government School
Early Closure (less than 6 months from opening)

Current Account

Current Account-i


Stamping on Mandate Form RM10.00
Ad Hoc Statements Request Flat charge RM2.00 per page
Photocopies of Cheques, Pay-in Slips and Advices
  • Within 1 year
  • More than 1 year
  • RM2.00 per copy
  • RM5.00 per copy or actual costs of retrieval, whichever is higher
Encashment of cash cheques over the counter RM3.00
Exempted for signatories and 3 nominees for company account
Cheque Book - Stamp duty

Cheque Processing Fee

Uncollected cheque book at branch after 14 days (Customer request or non-delivered cheque book by courier agents)
RM0.15 per Leaf

Exempted for cheque books issued to government bodies including :
  • National type and fully aided schools
  • Registered co-operative societies
Stamp duty is not refundable for unused cheques

RM0.50 per Leaf


Courier/handling charges of RM5.00 per cheque book delivered to customer.

No charges if cheque book collected at branch
Special Cheques – Printing Charges Actual cost, plus taxes (if any) to be borne by customer

Exempted for Government A/C special cheques
For Non-Individual Accounts only

Transaction Charge for Contra Payments.
Includes Over the counter transactions including cash contra and house cheque payments
RM5.00 per beneficiary on 4th payment onwards

No charges on salary cheques deposited via cheque deposit machine
Dormant Current Account
  • Accounts with RM10.00 or less
  • Accounts with more than RM10.00

Credit balance is absorbed as the service charge if there is no response from customers after two (2) reminders. 

Annual service fee of RM10.00 will be levied
Request for change of signatories or change of mandate of operating account RM10.00
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