Products and Services - Mortgage Loan

Products and Services - Mortgage Loan

Item Tariff
Redemption Statement (per request) RM50.00
Letter of confirmation for EPF withdrawal (per request) RM20.00 (with/ without photocopies of documents)
Security Document retrieval (per request) RM30.00 (Photocopies for complete set of documents)
Additional Loan Statement (per request) RM10.00
Restructuring / Rescheduling (per request) No Charges
Re-draw charges/ fees for excess payment (applicable to Affin Home Solution Plus and related products) RM25.00 per transaction
Processing Fee (if applicable) Loan Amount up to RM30,000 : RM50.00

Loan Amount RM30,001 to RM100,000 : RM100.00

Loan Amount above RM100,000 : RM200.00
Early Settlement Penalty Retention Period
3 years from date of first drawdown

Penalty of 3% on original loan sum if redeemed within 3 years retention period

(subject to retention period and penalty amount imposed in Letter of Offer)
Late Payment Charges 1% per annum on the amount in arrears till settlement of the amount in arrears
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