Bills Purchased (DBEP/FBEP)

This facility is extended to sellers or exporters who sell on sight terms not under LC. Our bank will purchase your sales /export documents and advance you the proceeds prior to payment from the buyer. It is a short term advance to cover the transit period pending payment received for the shipment.

The average financing period range from 7 to 30 days.

  1. Immediate cash upon purchase or discount of Bill of Exchange by the bank.
  2. Improves your cash flow.
  3. Convenient and simple. The bank undertakes to send documents and collect payment.
  4. Helps to enhance your exports/sales.


  • It is a short term advance to cover the transit period pending payment from the buyer



  • 100% financing of the invoice value
  • Financing of your sales at sight up to 30 days
  • Interest is computed up to days financed or until settlement date
  • Financing in Ringgit or Foreign Currency
  • Immediate advance of your sales proceeds pending payment from buyer
  • Advances granted will greatly improve Exporter’s/Sellers cash flow without compromising on your credit terms and pricing
  • Bank handles and monitors collection of proceeds
  • Simple documents preparation


  • Malaysian suppliers (Domestic Sales & Exports)


  • Sales on sight terms
  • Approved BEP Facility with the bank

How to Apply

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  Contact our Call Centre at +603-5522 3000 or visit the nearest branches nationwide today.

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