Export Credit Refinancing (ECR)

We are one of the channels to provide you with this short term export financing which is administered by EXIM Bank. This scheme was launched in order to promote Malaysia’s export and international trade. Financing is categorized under pre-shipment and post-shipment.

Pre-shipment exporters can avail this scheme to finance their overhead and working capital prior to shipment of the goods.

As for the post-shipment ECR is an advance to exporters to finance the export after shipment.

Our team of experts are always available to provide advise on your trade related matters.


  • Financing is categorized under pre-shipment and post-shipment
  • Under pre-shipment financing, exporters can finance higher their overhead and working capital prior to shipment
  • Under post-shipment exporters can obtain immediate advance after shipment



  • Competitive interest rate
  • Improve cash flow and working capital
  • Most financing is structured to match the foreign currency receivables of our customer


  • Direct/Indirect Malaysian Exporters (local suppliers to exporter)
  • Products which are not listed under the First Schedule of Custom Duties Order (list of goods of which is prohibited to be exported)


  • Comply with all requirements and terms and conditions as specified in the “Guidelines on ECR facilities” by EXIM Bank
  • Satisfactory documentary evidence of the trade transaction (e.g. the original invoice, transport documents etc.), as may be required by the Bank

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