Outward Bills For Collection (OBC)

You can rely on our expertise to act as your agent to handle all your documentary collections against payment (DP) or acceptance (DA) to any of your buyers globally. We act as the intermediary to facilitate your trade settlement on terms agreed with your buyer and monitor the collection of proceeds. With our wide network of correspondents worldwide, we are able to present documents and collect payment quickly. Upon receipt of the proceeds you will be notified within the same day.


  • Collections can be in two forms, i.e. Documents against Payment (D/P) or Documents against Acceptance (D/A)
  • Seller will draw a Bill of Exchange on the buyer
  • An accepted Bill of Exchange is a promise of payment by the buyer at maturity



  • Control of goods of retained until the buyer makes payment/give acceptance
  • Applicable for both local and foreign transactions
  • No credit facility is required
  • Increase certainty of payment when collection is at sight. Risk is minimized as compared to open account trading
  • Hassle free on preparation of documents, simpler and cheaper than LC


  • Malaysian suppliers (Domestic Sales & Exports)


  • You are required to provide clear instruction to the bank on the handling of the documents.
  • Having maintain current account with us

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