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BFM is Malaysia's only independent radio station, focused on business news and current affairs. BFM can be heard on frequency 89.9 MHz in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and parts of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.

Global Halal Industry has been growing exponentially, and Malaysia is positioned as a key Halal hub in the Asian region with a comprehensive Halal ecosystem. Having your products and services Halal certified will provide an added edge to your business. Information herein will help with your interests on Halal-related topics and development.

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Business Recognitions

Be recognised as the top and trusted business with prestigious and globally acknowledged awards that would elevate your business to a greater success.

Product Certifications

Ensure your businesses, products and services with proper certifications and best practices from relevant certification bodies and authorities to instil customer trust and confidence.

Foreign Currency


With effect from 10-May-19

BR (% p.a.) BLR & BFR (% p.a.)
3.95 6.81

Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit-i

With effect from 25-Sep-19

Tenure Rate (% p.a.)
1m 3.00
3m 3.05
6m 3.15
12m 3.90
> 12m 3.95

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Start-Up Exclusives

We understand the complexities of building and managing a start-up business. We are here to partner you along the way towards your journey of success. We offer comprehensive solutions from transaction, financing, protection and advisory; providing you with tools to manage your business efficiently

Manage your cash flow

Banking accounts for business needs

Multi-tier interest/ profit rate

Financial support for business expansion

Solutions for start-ups

Manage business risk proactively

Insurance /takaful coverage with affordable premium

Multiple schemes to choose

Professional advise from our relationship managers and partners

Consultation on start-up business needs

We offer both Islamic and Conventional products
Be part of our start-up exclusives now!

Financial Solutions

We offer a full suite of banking facilities designed to make your business run more efficiently and profitably

Improve cash flow to support your business operations and growth

Protected by PIDM up to
RM250,000 for each depositor

Provide financing to continuously take on new projects as well as factoring flexibility

SMEssential is a simplified and integrated solution for multiple products and services via one application

  • All types of businesses inclusive of sole-proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, private limited companies.
  • Business must be registered in Malaysia and controlled or owned by Malaysian.
  • Business classification based on SME definition as per National SME Development Council.

Terms and Conditions Apply

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