SME Financing


Over the years, we at AFFINBANK have contributed greatly to the development of SMEs, offering a complete range of products and services to effectively serve SMEs needs.

We aspire to be a true partner in your growth and development.

Please check through the Bank's comprehensive list of AFFINBANK Business Centres nationwide for your ease of reference.

Our Relationship Managers should be able to help you with any queries pertaining to your financing requirements.

To expedite your loan application please fill up the following simple AFFINBANK SME Loan application form and forward to nearest AFFINBANK Business Centre.

Definition of SMEs

An enterprise is considered an SME in each of the respective sectors based on the Annual Sales Turnover or Number of Full-Time Employees as shown in the table below.

Based on Number of Full-Time Employees

Sector / Size Manufacturing Services and other  Sector
Micro Less than 5 employees Less than 5 employees
Small From 5 to less than 75 employees From 5 to less than 30 employees
Medium From 75 to not exceeding 200 employees From 30 to not exceeding 75 employees

Based on Annual Sales Turnover

Sector / Size Manufacturing Services and other  Sector
Micro Less than RM300,000 Less than RM300,000
Small From RM300,000 to less than RM15 million From RM300,000 to less than RM3 million
Medium From RM15million to not exceeding RM50 million From RM3million to not exceeding RM 20 million

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