Bankers Acceptance (BA) – Sales

This is another short term financing to finance your sales to Resident or Non- Resident on usance terms. You will have to draw a bill of exchange payable at a predetermined maturity date to be accepted by us. The BA is then discounted and the proceeds will be immediately credited to your account.

The underlying commercial transaction to support the drawing of a BA can be documents presented under an LC, documents presented under collection basis or sales on open account terms.

The advantage of the BA facility is the financing at competitive prevailing money market rates.

Bills Purchased (DBEP/FBEP)

This facility is extended to sellers or exporters who sell on sight terms not under LC. Our Bank will purchase your sales /export documents and advance you the proceeds prior to payment from the buyer. It is a short term advance to cover the transit period pending payment received for the shipment,

The average financing period range from 7 to 30 days.

Bills Discounted (DBED/FBED)

This facility is for exporters who sell on credit or usance terms. Under normal circumstances, the seller will have to wait till the maturity date to receive payment from the buyer. Under this facility, the exporter will present the shipping documents and the bank will discount the documents at a discounted rate. The discounting can be either upon presentation of documents or upon acceptance of the bill of exchange by the buyer.

The exporter will receive the discounted proceeds. The advance given by the bank will be settled upon receipt of the export proceeds.

LC Negotiation (DBN/FBN)

At AFFINBANK, we are able to provide you with immediate approval to advance you the proceeds based on the strength of the LC issuing Bank. Exporter or seller is not required to have any pre approved trade facility to enjoy this package. We are able to fund you upfront at a competitive pricing for compliant documents drawn under LCs issued by banks acceptable to us.

This allows exporters or sellers to have ready access to credit facilities at competitive pricing.

Export Credit Refinancing (ECR)

We are one of the channels to provide you with this short term export financing which is administered by EXIM Bank. This scheme was launched in order to promote Malaysia’s export and international trade. Financing is categorized under pre-shipment and post-shipment.

Pre-shipment exporters can avail this scheme to finance their overhead and working capital prior to shipment of the goods.

As for the post-shipment ECR is an advance to exporters to finance the export after shipment.

Our team of experts are always available to provide advise on your trade related matters.

Outward Bills For Collection (OBC)

You can rely on our expertise to act as your agent to handle all your documentary collections against payment (DP) or acceptance (DA) to any of your buyers globally. We act as the intermediary to facilitate your trade settlement on terms agreed with your buyer and monitor the collection of proceeds. With our wide network of correspondents worldwide, we are able to present documents and collect payment quickly. Upon receipt of the proceeds you will be notified within the same day.

Documentary Credit Advising/ Confirmation (LLC)

At Affin Bank with our extensive network of agent banks globally, we are able to promptly authenticate the genuineness of the inward LC and advise you in the most efficient manner. Our team of experienced personnel is able to guide you in the documents preparation and thus enable you to prepare your shipment with confidence.

To further mitigate the LC issuing bank and country risk, we may add confirmation to the LC at your request and thus we give our undertaking to pay you against presentation of compliant documents.

Bilateral Payment Arrangement (BPA)

Bilateral Payment Arrangement (BPA) is a mechanism for the settlement of net monetary obligations arising from trade between two countries and the purpose is to promote trade between Malaysia and other designated developing countries. This BPA scheme allows the exporter to trade or venture into new emerging market with developing countries with greater confidence as payment guarantee is provided by central bank thus converting commercial risk into sovereign risk.

Flexi Trade Loan (FTL) - Sales

FTL Sales is a facility offered to a Seller for financing of its trade related foreign and local sales (sight & usance)


  • Foreign and Local Sales (sight or usance) of goods under the following terms of payment:

         i. Letter of Credit (LC)
         ii. Collection
         iii. Open Account  

  • Minimum Drawdown Amount RM10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Available in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and other major currencies as advised by Group Treasury
  • Tenor is determined based on seller’s trade cycle with maximum tenure of up to 360 days
  • Financing is on a discounted basis

Benefits to Seller

  • Customer (a Supplier) is able to improve cash flow as you can obtain immediate funds from the Bank pending payment from the Buyer.
  • Simple document preparation as financing is also allowed for both Open Account and Collection term of payment.
  • Alternative financing for both RM and foreign currency
  • Flexibility in financing amount and financing period

For more information, please call our Trade Finance Centre at:
Kuala Lumpur: (6) 03 2178 5000
Ipoh : (6) 05 549 9959
Penang: (6) 04 398 8233
Johor: (6) 07 386 7597

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