Flexi Trade Financing-i (FTF-i) Purchase

Flexi Trade Financing-i (FTF-i) Purchase

FTF-i Purchase is a facility offered to a Buyer to finance its trade related foreign and local purchases (sight or usance). This financing facility is based on Shariah concept of Murabahah (cost plus profit).

  • Foreign and Local Purchases (sight or usance) of goods or goods together with selected services payable under the following terms of payment:
    1. Letter of Credit-i (LC-i)
    2. Collection
    3. Open Account
  • Minimum Disbursement Amount RM10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Available in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and other major currencies as advised by the Bank
  • Tenure is determined based on Seller’s trade cycle with maximum tenure of up to 360 days
  • Financing proceeds will be paid directly to the suppliers named in the supporting invoices
  • Reimbursement period is within 30 days from the date of payment effected by the Buyer to Seller.
Benefits to the Customer (Buyer)
  • Customer (a Buyer) can settle payment obligations to Suppliers promptly and enjoy discounts while maintain a good standing
  • Take possession of the goods immediately without having to repay until the end of the financing period
  • Financing of paid invoices (Reimbursement) allows flexibility in managing your cash flow
  • Simple document preparation as financing is also allowed for both Open Account and Collection term of payment
  • Alternate financing for both RM and foreign currency
  • Flexibility in financing amount and financing period
  • Malaysian buyers (Domestic Purchases & Imports)
  • Limited to Shariah compliant business/purposes
  • Approved FTF-i Facility with the Bank
  • Application must be made in the bank’s standard Application Form and signed by your authorised signatory/ies
  • Each application must be accompanied supporting documents (eg. Original invoice, transport document or other documents)

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