Fraudulent Agents and Scam on Banking Facilities/ Products

The information furnished herein is by no means exhaustive as it is based on cases received by Affin Bank Berhad and Affin Islamic Bank Berhad.

The modus operandi of recent incidences reported is as follows:

  • The fraudster acts as an ‘Agent’ of the Bank to assist in securing banking facilities from the Bank.
  • Target victims are normally those with poor credit standing. Victims are approached via unsecured channels of communication such as email, WhatsApp messenger and Facebook. The Facebook page bears the Bank’s logo and generally looks similar to the Bank’s official Facebook page.
  • Victims will be lured by fictitious advertisement and promotions on easy ways to obtain banking facilities irrespective of their financial background.
  • Victims would be requested to submit supporting documents required via WhatsApp messenger.
  • Upon receiving the documents, a few days later, Victims would be notified on the approval of the loan and the fraudster will ask for a processing fee/ deposit to be made in order to receive the proceeds of the banking facility. Details of the account, beneficiary account holder and beneficiary Bank will be furnished for Victims to deposit the money.
  • Subsequently, Victims will be promised that an ATM card and agreement would be mailed to his/ her mailing address.
  • In the event of non-payment, Fraudster will threaten Victims that if the deposit is not made soonest possible, the banking facility will be cancelled. Therefore, unsuspecting victims would immediately deposit the money either via Instant Transfer or Cash Deposit Machine to the given account number.
  • Fraudster will also ask Victims to pay a certain percentage as a commission fee from the loan approved amount.
  • Upon collecting the fees from Victims, Fraudster will abscond and abolish all further contacts with the Victims.
  • The Fraudster’s Facebook account will be deleted.

Please be guided by the following:

  • The Bank will not request for any personal and / or confidential account information from customers via telephone/ WhatsApp message or Facebook. Do not disclose any personal information to the third party and to ignore such messages in the future.
  • The Bank will never communicate with an unknown party on any banking transaction and reveal any account/ financial information without proper verification and authorization.
  • Ignore such message received and alert the Bank immediately upon receipt of such message to ascertain the authenticity of the entity that purportedly contacted you:
    • By phone to the Call Centre at 03-5522 3000 or Careline at 1 800 88 3883
    •  By email to
    •  By completing the Online Feedback Form
  • To spot a fake Facebook/ WhatsApp profile, the following tips may be observed:
    1. Locate the Profile image of the Facebook profile / WhatsApp profile you want to check.
    2. Right-click on the image and save it at a place you can easily find it again e.g. Desktop.
    3. Then go to Google Image Search. Google Image Search is a great tool where you can search for images based on other images.
    4. Drag the Profile image you have saved from your desktop and place/ drop it at the search field in Google Image Search page. 
    5. Google Image Search will start to check where the image is present on Facebook/ WhatsApp profiles and a lot of other places on the Internet.
    6. If the search showed/ produced a lot of Facebook profiles/ other website/ anywhere having the same/ similar profile image, most likely that profile photo is fake.
    7. A real person often has pictures with friends and family, who will have tagged and commented on photos. While a fraudster/ an imposter often use photos featuring only glamorous shots of the individual rather than group photos.

Fraudulent Agents and Scam on Banking Facilities/ Products

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