Revision of AFFINBANK Credit Card Terms and Conditions

17 August 2017
NOTICE - Revision of AFFINBANK Credit Card Terms and Conditions.
Dear Cardmembers,

Effective 10 September 2017, we will revise the Terms and Conditions for:
  • AFFINBANK Mastercard Gold
  • AFFINBANK Visa Gold
  • AFFINBANK Mastercard Touch ‘n Go Gold
  • AFFINBANK Mastercard Classic
  • AFFINBANK Visa Classic
  • AFFINBANK Mastercard Touch ‘n Go Classic
  • AFFINBANK BHPetrol ‘Touch & Fuel’ Mastercard Contactless
  • AFFINBANK Mastercard Basic
  • AFFINBANK Visa Basic
  • AFFINBANK World Mastercard
These changes are to incorporate among all, revision of our finance charge from 9.99% per annum to 12% per annum and PIN delivery via Short Service Message (SMS).

For further information on the revised version of the Terms & Conditions, please call us at 03-5522 3000 (AFFINBANK Credit Card) or 03-5517 9999 (AFFINBANK World Mastercard) or refer to the following links:
Thank you
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