Notice on Revision of Generic Terms and Conditions Applicable For All Deposit Accounts/ Products/Services

12th June 2018

Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to inform you that we have revised the Generic Terms and Conditions, wherein the following information has been incorporated as below:

Generic Terms and Conditions
a. Additional clause on statement of account
b. Additional clause on Rights of Consolidation and Set-off
c. Additional clause on My Debit Card withdrawal limit
d. New clause on General
e. New clause on Partnership Account
f. New clause on Service of Notice and /or Summon and Statement of Claim
g. New clause on Freezing of Account
h. New clause on Closure of Account
i. New clause on Law
j. New clause on Force Majeure
k. New clause on Change of Terms and Conditions
l. New clause on Miscellaneous

Specific Terms and Conditions
a. New clause on Affinbank VISA Debit Card (for Saving Account or Current Account)
b. Additional clause on Affin Gold (AGA)
c. Additional clause on Foreign Currency Current Account
d. Additional clause on Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Account
e. Additional clause on Affin eSaver

The changes will take effect on 03rd July 2018.

For further information on the revised of the Generic Terms and Conditions, please call us at 03-8230 2222 or please visit


Thank you.

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