General Insurance

Fire Insurance

The basic fire policy provides coverage for your property against loss or damage by fire or lightning.


This policy provides you with coverage for your house and contents and covers loss or damage by fire, lightning, explosions, flood, burst pipe.

All Risk

This policy covers you against loss of or damage to your insured property caused by fire, theft or any other accident or misfortune happening.

Equipment Insurance

This policy covers loss of or damage to your equipment and its standard accessories/parts whilst thereon caused by:

  • accidental collision or overturning or collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or wear and tear
  • fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning
  • burglary, housebreaking or theft

Burglary Insurance

This policy covers you against the following events happening during the period of insurance:

  • loss of your insured property whilst contained in the specified premises by:
    1. theft consequent upon actual forcible and violent entry upon the said premises or committed by any person or persons feloniously concealed thereon
    2. in the case of Private Residences and/or Residential Flats only, by being wrongfully taken or carried away from the premises with felonious intent
  • damage to the premises due to theft or attempt thereat falling to be borne by you

Money Insurance

This policy covers loss of money in the form of cash, bank notes, currency notes, cheques, postal orders or money orders while is being kept in the premises or whilst in transit

Personal Accident

This policy provides comprehensive 24 hours worldwide protection to the Insured for bodily Injury caused by accidental means resulting directly and independently of any other cause within twelve calendar months in death, disablement, medical and other expenses.

Hospital & Surgical Insurance

This policy covers cost of medical treatment incurred for hospitalization due to accident or sickness.

Marine Cargo

This product will cover your goods / subject matter insured from physical loss of or damage while being transported from one place to another destination by the various types of conveyances.

Contractor All Risk

The policy covers the works to be executed in accordance with the contract, temporary works, materials, construction plant and equipment brought into the site and liabilities arising out of the performance of the contract. In general, CAR insurance is intended to cover buildings and civil engineering works under construction.

Workmen Compensation

This policy indemnifies you against all sums for which you shall be liable to pay compensation to any employee for personal injury sustained by accidents or occupational diseases arising out of and in the course of his employment and in addition for all costs and expenses incurred with our consent in defending any claim for such compensation under:

  • the Workmen’s Compensation Law(s) or the substitution of other legislation or
  • at Common Law

Public Liability

This policy indemnifies you against all sums which you shall become legally liable to pay compensation in respect of

  • bodily injury to or illness of any person
  • loss of or damage to property

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