SME Property Financing (SPF)

Property Financing (SPF)

SME Property Financing (SPF) offers financing of properties via term loan or overdraft facilities.


  • Financing for new purchase property
  • Refinancing of property
  • Term Loan / Overdraft facility
  • Up to 95% Margin of Advance (MOA) inclusive 5% financing of insurance and entry cost


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Land


  • Business classification based on SME definition as per National SME Development Council (NSDC)
  • Malaysian-controlled or Malaysian – owned business
  • Business must be minimum 3 years in operations


  • Viable business with proven track record and ability to meet financing obligations
  • Key director(s) / management must have minimum 3 years’ experience in the similar line of business

Terms and Conditions Apply

How to Apply

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  Contact our Call Centre at +603-8230 2222 or visit the nearest Business Centre nationwide today.

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