Bankers Acceptance (BA) – Sales

Bankers Acceptance (BA) – Sales

Short term financing to finance your sales to Resident or Non- Resident on usance terms. You will have to draw a bill of exchange payable at a predetermined maturity date to be accepted by us. The BA is then discounted and the proceeds will be immediately credited to your account.

The underlying commercial transaction to support the drawing of a BA can be documents presented under an LC, documents presented under collection basis or sales on open account terms.


  • Financing is granted in Ringgit
  • Tenor is determined based on the seller’s trade cycle to convert the goods into cash
  • Allow financing of sales on usance terms
  • Payable at a predetermined future date
  • Drawn to finance the underlying trade transaction



  • Advances granted will ease your cash flow without having to compromise on the credit terms and pricing
  • Financing at competitive money markets rates (BA Cost of Funds)
  • Flexibility in financing amount and financing period
  • Cheaper funding rate option for ringgit rate financing

Financing amount

  • Minimum amount of financing RM50,000 drawn in multiples of RM1,000


  • Malaysian suppliers (Domestic Sales & Exports)


  • Approved BA Facility with the bank
  • Application must be made in the bank’s standard Application Form, along with Bills of Exchange (BA Draft), duly completed and signed by your authorised signatory/ies
  • Application must be accompanied by supporting documentation e.g. Invoices and transport documents, evidencing the underlying trade transaction

How to Apply

  Leave us your contact details so that we may reach out to you

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  Contact our Call Centre at +603-8230 2222 or visit the nearest Business Centre nationwide today.

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