Documentary Credit Advising/ Confirmation (LLC)

Documentary Credit Advising/ Confirmation (LLC)

With our extensive network of agent banks globally, we can promptly authenticate the genuineness of the inward LC and advise you in the most efficient manner.

To further mitigate the LC issuing bank and country risk, we may add confirmation to the LC at your request and thus we give our undertaking to pay you against presentation of compliant documents.


  • Authenticity of the LC is verified thus enables seller/exporter to prepare for the shipment with confidence



  • Genuineness of Export LC is ascertained, thus eliminating Credit Risk of buyer
  • Payment is ensured upon presentation of compliant documents


  • Malaysian suppliers (Domestic Sales & Exports)


  • LC Confirmation is only applicable to those LC issued by banks acceptable to us

How to Apply

  Leave us your contact details so that we may reach out to you

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  Contact our Call Centre at +603-8230 2222 or visit the nearest Business Centre nationwide today.

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