LC Negotiation (DBN/FBN)

At Affin Bank, we are able to provide you with immediate approval to advance you the proceeds based on the strength of the LC issuing bank. Exporter or seller is not required to have any pre-approved trade facility to enjoy this package. We are able to fund you upfront at a competitive pricing for compliant documents drawn under LCs issued by banks acceptable to us.


  • LC issued by banks acceptable to us
  • Financing is without recourse for LC confirmed by us
  • No facility or additional security is required
  • Interest calculated up to days financed until settlement



  • 100% financing of the invoice value
  • Ready access to credit facility without additional securities requirement
  • Immediate advance at competitive pricing
  • Financing in Ringgit or Foreign Currency
  • Free up existing credit lines
  • Increase sales capacity from added liquidity


  • Malaysian Suppliers (Domestic Sales & Exports)


  • Drawn under an Inward Letter of Credit (ILC) in compliance with the terms and conditions of the ILC
  • LC issued by Correspondent banks acceptable to us
  • Negotiation subject to submission of compliant documents and availability of issuing bank and country limits
  • Application must be made in the bank’s standard Application Form, along with Bills of Exchange, duly completed and signed by your authorised signatory/ies.
  • Application must be accompanied by supporting documentation e.g. export documents, evidencing the underlying trade transaction.

How to Apply

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  Contact our Call Centre at +603-8230 2222 or visit the nearest Business Centre nationwide today.

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