TaPay Biz App (Merchant App)

TaPay Biz App (Merchant App)

TaPay e-wallet is built with the community in mind by Fullrich Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

TaPay’s objectives are:

  1. to remove barriers for business growth by making it easier for individuals and entities to realize their dreams without worrying about payment processes and security.
  2. to make transfer of funds safe and seamless no matter where or who you are (individuals and entities) for a better peace of mind.

In doing so, TaPay makes the world flatter and closer – by providing everyone with equal opportunities and encouraging flow of goods, services and ideas across borders.


TaPay Biz App

Payment are credited to your bank account using QR Code without credit card terminal.


How TaPay Biz App Works

  1. Launch your TaPay Biz App
  2. Show your QR-Code to customers to scan.


  • Instant payment collection.


  • No set up fees
  • Real time store performance viewing
  • Real time reporting
  • Advertisement in TaPay App

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